CSO Competitions Team on a Winning Streak

November 15, 2020

Programming competitions—where students work as a team to solve as many problems as possible in a limited amount of time—are a great way to learn algorithms and build teamwork skills. We (CSO) select the TAMS competitive programming team at the beginning of each semester through a rigorous tryout process, simulating the problems seen in an acutal competition.

This fall, the CSO competitive programming team has won contests across the state. To honor the team's outstanding achievements, we've compiled a running list of the awards our team members have earned.

*To be updated as new contest results come in.*

10/17/20 - Seven Lakes HS

At the Seven Lakes programming contest this past Saturday (10/17), we had a total of 5 teams and 1 individual representing TAMS in the competition. In total there were 215 teams and individuals signed up, and they ranked the top teams and the top individuals separately. Our especially impressive results were:

  • 3rd place team - Ernest Lu, Hubert Yang, and Joseph Li
  • 1st place individual - Daniel Ting

The competition didn't have official prizes, but it included several of the top computer science schools in Texas, as well as out-of-state schools from California, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, and Massachusetts, so this result is really promising as a kickoff to the season.

10/31/20 - UT Dallas Battle of the Brains

First, UTD hosted its biannual Battle of the Brains contest on October 31st (spooky!). The contest, with prizes sponsored by State Farm Insurance, allowed both college students and high school teams, with awards in each division. Special congrats go to:

  • 2nd place, DFW Advanced Division - Joseph Li, Ernest Lu, and Hubert Yang

11/14/20 to 11/15/20 - Richardson HS Frozen Eagle

Richardson High School hosted their 17th annual Frozen Eagle programming contest this past weekend (11/14-15), opting for a bit of an unconventional approach. The contest was asynchronous (beginning on Saturday and ending Sunday night), open-book, open-Google, and open-StackOverflow. The problems mostly typical contest problems, with a few problems asking for images or information gathered from the web. Our teams took these changes in stride and logged some impressive results:

  • 3rd place overall (and Advanced Team Division) - Daniel Ting, Zhuoli Xie and Timothy Haynes
  • 5th place, Novice Team division - Lisa Li and Joanne Liu
  • 6th place, Novice Team division - Andrew Zheng, Daniel Abujaber and Charlie Hu
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