Learning More About Yourself Through Psych2Go Videos

December 14, 2020

Ever wondered what your dreams actually mean? Or perhaps you’ve pondered how you can improve your self-esteem, or what your body language says to other people. Check out Psych2Go, a channel filled with informational psychology and self-care videos.

This channel’s videos all have cute animations that will definitely catch your attention and make your eyes glued to the screen. The calming voice the narrator has gives the videos a more therapeutic and conversational feel, and makes the videos different from your typical educational ones.

All the videos have clickbaity yet intriguing video titles that will have you clicking in no time and answer random questions that have always been in the back of your mind. Whether it be What Your Favorite Color Says About You, or 7 Signs You're Becoming Toxic, this channel provides videos that can help you learn more about yourself and become more aware of how your actions affect others.

Not only can these videos help you become more introspective, but they can also make you feel better during times when you’re feeling down and gain more confidence in yourself. Check out these encouraging videos: 8 Subtle Signs You're More Attractive Than You Think and 9 Types of Intelligence, from which you can learn that everyone is intelligent in their own ways.

The channel also emphasizes the importance of self-care, with a series of videos about mental health. With videos covering confusing emotions such as 12 Emotions You Might Feel But Can't Explain and 7 Signs of Emotional Burnout, the channel brings comfort and explains why you feel a certain way.

Psych2Go is a channel with videos that can give you more insight into how you think and help you with your social life. The types of knowledge the channel provides are easily applicable in life, so definitely consider checking it out!

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