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November 04, 2020

Introducing...Channel Highlights of the Week!

Welcome to Channel of the Week, brought to you by Tech-Ed! Through our weekly channel highlights, we hope to introduce you all to a variety of valuable educational channels on YouTube to aid you in learning, studying, and exploring new interests!

This Week’s Highlight

Cramming for your tests? These videos are just for you! Whether you need a quick run-down of significant events in 19th century America or a short recap on physics formulas, this channel has you covered! And don't worry about dozing off while watching - the speakers' enthusiasm and vivid, entertaining animations ensure they'll always have your full attention.

Where are these amazing-sounding videos from? Let us introduce this week’s channel spotlight, and it goes to...Crash Course! The Crash Course Channel features 10-15 minute videos over a large variety of subjects including math, engineering and even artificial intelligence!

The creators put a comedic twist and allow you to see some of those boring historical events in a new light. In the video about the Great Depression, who would’ve thought of using cheetos to describe why the gold standard contributed to market crashes! With the fun “mystery document” corner in the APUSH videos, where John Green reads a random document and tries to identify the author through key words, the audience can easily understand the viewpoints of historical figures. He also gets electrified if he guesses wrong, which is always funny to watch :)

Throughout their classic WHAP playlist, John Green and his team ensure that you’ll never forget key details—ranging from the Mongols’ (near) invincibility to the French Revolution—by providing unique clips and animations to go with each one. Don’t believe us? Check out this unforgettable “Mongoltage”, played almost every time Mr. Green utters the word “Mongol”.

Crash Course has plenty to offer in terms of science as well — with series on chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy and physiology, and many more, there’s something for everyone! Their color-coded diagrams, live experiments, and unique analogies (see this biology video titled: DNA, Hot Pockets, & The Longest Word Ever) allow you gain a deeper understanding of many fundamental concepts and aspects of science.

Not only is this channel great for studying, but it’s also great for discovering and diving into new interests! While your school might not offer a course in AI, astronomy, or even mythology, you can explore all of these subjects through Crash Course’s beautifully curated playlists.

So what are you waiting for! Check out Crash Course today to learn more about science, philosophy, hot pockets :), and more.

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