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November 18, 2020

Want to watch some Youtube videos and also feel productive at the same time? Check out TED-Ed! Home to many thought-provoking riddles and intriguing video series, this channel never fails to impress viewers.

TED-Ed has all the answers to your most bizarre shower thoughts, ranging from why penguins can’t fly, to whether your memories are real, to how you can unboil an egg (hint: you can’t). Ever wondered what causes seemingly random traffic? Check out the video What is phantom traffic and why is it ruining your life?.

The channel not only resolves all your most eccentric questions, but it also strives to train your critical thinking and observation skills through their beloved riddle series. Think you’re a riddle master? Try some of Ted-ED’s most popular riddles, which are infamous for their ability to boggle viewers.

TED-Ed also recognizes the dangers of logical fallacies in the modern world, and strives to reduce those dangers by helping viewers avoid logical errors and common scams! Perhaps you’ve once heard of a pyramid scam but never understood it, or perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “correlation is not causation”. Try this video, and then you can convince your mom that just because each time you come back from school the cookie jar is emptier, it doesn’t mean you ate those cookies.

Furthermore, TED-Ed spreads awareness for many important ethical contemplations that are playing an extremely significant role in modern developments, ranging from the development of AI to gene modification. With videos covering paradoxes like the Trolley Problem, TED-Ed makes sure our generation and the generations to come are fully mindful of how we can approach ethical challenges.

So whether you’re looking for an explanation of how memories form, or why you itch, or even how you could manage an infinite hotel with infinite rooms and infinite occupants with an infinite number of guests who just arrived (see this video - although the job is tough, on the bright side, you make an infinite profit!), be sure to check out TED-Ed, a channel from which there’s always more to learn.

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